Mind a web-based data warehouse that allows the storage and analysis of genomic expression data. It is being developed at the University of Aveiro by the Bioinformatics Group.



The University of Aveiro Bioinformatics group gathers complementary skills, being composed by researchers with background in diferent areas including Biology, Chemistry, Informatics and Information Theory. The Group’s laboratory is settled in the IEETA building, where it carries its Investigation and Development activities. more info

Mind team

Project coordinators:

  • PhD. José Luis Oliveira, email
  • PhD. Manuel Santos
  • Microarray laboratory support:

  • PhD. Laura Carreto
  • Development team:

  • Joel Arrais, email
  • João Fernandes
  • Previous calaborators:

  • Francisco Castro Lopes
  • Hugo Luis Melo Pais
  • Luis Silva
  • Maria Rodrigues



    Mind - Microarray Information Database - has been developed at the University of Aveiro